Land of Me

A Place Like No Other

The Beginning as a Designer

I started with DESIGNWORK©MUC - that has been a platform to present young designers to an audience. Wonderful events - like "Das Schlafgemach des Papstes" - were created by great and inspiring young people.



More Design

Then I concentrated on more designwork to earn money to live. I started REIHENHAUS Design. Later on NEORAMA Group and NEORAMA Gallery. Every chapter of my work-life makes sense to me and I mostly did not have the feeling of working but the feeling of realizing ideas with passion.

I use my experience and the experience of other designers, photographers, consultants, trainers, guides, trendsetters, the experience of crazy and wonderful people and the inspiration of nature, passion and happiness.

In teamwork with my clients I focus critically conversation about ideas and perspectives and an authentic Corporate Identitiy/Corporate Design. Workshops helped us to realize successful projects. EMOKON was born. Impressive and inspiring people joined me in presenting this outstanding EMOKON program which offers lots of great chances to experience, choose, live and love and laugh.

Land of...

Then I got my two wonderful kids, besides my beloved two cats and one dog. So family life started and I learned every day new things about myself. I really worked hard mentally to find my way as a 24 hours mum. It worked out and I will never regret my decision. To be a mum and to accompany every step of my kids mainly within the first three years is a big present, which I could not imagine before.
Of course I had a lot of ideas before becoming a mum and I started some of them with lots of power, so I did not want to let them fall down. "Land Of..." or "Land Of Me" is the way I chose to offer my experience, passion and knowledge in a compact version. My wish and vision are to make the world a little bit better, to please my clients and still to be a fully mum. I would appreciate it if you like "Land Of Me" or if you want to find out more about "your land"!




I love doing things with a special spirit. I am proud to present MAPUNA.
Peaceful things. Comfortable and Beautiful. Recycled.
I created every item in a special mood, which should give the one who wears it inspiration, freedom and happiness. MAPUNA has a strong and personal meaning to me. The power behind MAPUNA are the best friends I ever had. "Thank you" with all of my heart.

My Garden. My Loved Ones. My Mission.

Every good conversation starts with good listening. If you talk you cannot listen. I wish all human beings would listen to our mother nature. To take and to give. To be thankful and respectful. I believe in nature. I love animals. I love to talk with them. They act from their heart and they read from ones heart. It is such a wonderful feeling and I wish everybody to get to know these moments of happiness. You may feel a sense of support and security, inner peace and oneness with nature and yourself. If you never try, you will never know. It is so important: When writing the story of your life - don`t let anyone else hold the pen. What you may experience is the very nature of being, of existence, to be free. 

Land of...

"Zufriedenheit und Begeisterung: Freiheit beginnt im Kopf.

Wir sollten öfter das tun, was uns glücklich macht."


Nadja Schleghuber

Karwendelstraße 3
86926 Greifenberg
Germany, Bavaria
+ 49 179 136 75 76

DE 208709562

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