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PACABAMBA // This is the wonderful story of a friend. Tina tells you about the beginning of PACABAMBA. I love her story, the pictures, the tradition and the colors of Peru. Thank you, Tina, for your braveness in following your dreams and for your high standard products as well as for your sensitiveness towards tradition, people, nature and animals.

„PACABAMBA is the unexpected end of a long journey and the beginning of a new adventure. Two years we cruised through South America with our three children and our camper. The goal was neither a place nor a route, just a lifestyle far from turbo capitalism and consumerism. Also we wanted more time for us, our family, instead of wasting time on things that are not important to us. We actually wanted to go back. To or close to the Alps, which had previously been our home for seven years. But again the mountains seemed to magically attract us. And that’s why we stayed. In the Andes of Peru, in the middle of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, not far from Cusco.  

Here we have found what we could never have looked for. The inspiration, the friends, the traditional handcraft, the raw materials, the expertise and the enthusiasm for PACABAMBA. For products made from baby alpaca wool, in which an ancient Andean heritage of weaving and dyeing lives on and whose environmental compatibility is forward-looking at the same time. The natural raw materials such as wool and dying materials as well as the ancient craftsmanship of weaving and dyeing, which make up our products, come from here. This is where the people come from, whose livelihoods are threatened by cheap and mass-produced industrial goods and who now let their traditions and knowledge live on in PACABAMA. With fair payment and self-determined working conditions, of course.

With their pronounced solidarity with nature, our Peruvian friends and partners make it clear how right and sensible the principle of sustainability is - and how much we have lost it in many parts of the world. From appreciative animal husbandry to the use of purely natural dyes and the impressive longevity of the products, their sense for the far-sighted use of resources is shown. With PACABAMBA we have actually succeeded in doing what is important to all of us who are behind it. The combination of material and moral quality. The demonstration of the impressive properties of alpaca wool. The transparency that we cultivate in all processes. And the creation and preservation of real values. In this way we succeed in creating a feeling of well-being on the skin and a good feeling in the soul, which are the expression of a true awareness of quality. AUTHENTICITY AND HONESTY IS WHAT WE STAND FOR. We believe that we can connect the Andean world with the Western world through the unique crafts that we have gotten to know."








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