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Muizenhuis - The Mouse Mansion // The Mouse Mansion was made by hand by artist Karina Schaapman. Karina wanted to create a children's book. Not with illustrations, but with photographs of scènes from a handmade 3D miniature house made for mice. Sam and Julia's story was already written in her mind.

She built it out of cardboard boxes and recycled materials. Room by room this world of mice became larger and more realistic. After three years of building almost fulltime the first Mouse Mansion was completed. The original mansion is two meters wide and three meters tall. In 2011 Karina's dream became a reality. Her Mouse Mansion was photographed and the first book in The Mouse Mansion series was published: Sam en Julia.
With The Mouse Mansion Karina has created the world of inclusivity and friendship that she so desperately wanted as a child.
In her words: 'The Mouse Mansion is the world I would want every child to grow up in.'

Now in 2021 there are seventeen books published, and the original Mouse Mansion is on loan to the public library of Amsterdam. It's being exhibited for all the children of the city.

"I love the idea behind the Mouse Mansion. Yes, definitely you will have some work time with your children, but if you love to create lovely things and to spend time with your children and to help them to create their own "Muizenhuis" you will love it too! But be aware that it requires a detailed and creative working hand! The following pictures will give you an impression how it works. If you think "That's a great idea!" let me know, so you can buy them below.
Our "Muizenhuis" is built up and we had a great time together. We as parents built it with the older ones while the little children got to know Julia and Sam as mice friends and their life through the books. Now the little children can enjoy their "Muizenhuis" together with the older ones. And it is yet not finished - with a new house there is a lot to do!" 

 Karina and her family


The big Muizenhuis!









Join Sam and Julia in the search for the tiniest details of the immense Mouse Mansion. There are loads of things to explore and discover in all the shops, corridors, bedrooms, kitchens and even on the outside - if you just look closely enough!


"MINI`S" 3,95 EUR/Stück

These mini's are perfectly sized in relation to the playhouse and the DIY furniture kits. They are built to last, as they are made of original materials like porcelain and glass and not plastic. They will certainly look extremely authentic in your miniature house.  



Decorate your rooms with these original Mouse Mansion prints! This package contains six sheets with posters, newspapers, boxes, buckets, plants, clocks and many other decorations.



"DIY PACKAGE"   14,95 EUR/Stück

Kitchen/Bathroom / Kid`s Bedroom / Shop Interior / Doors and Windows
Decorating your mouse mansion rooms has never been this easy or fun!
This DIY package makes putting together miniature furniture accessible to all. Paint each piece of furniture exactly as you’d like and let your imagination run free as fas as colours and designs go.
Suitable for children aged 6+


"MOUSE"   13,95 EUR

Julia / Sam / Ella
With this little mouse doll the stories will come to life.
Julia is extremely curious and very very headstrong. She's not a fan of boring. As soon as she feels even a hint of boredom she ventures outside and goes on an adventure, dragging a willing Sam along.
Sam is incredibly shy and always acts like a good little mouse. When he's with his best friend Julia he does things he otherwise wouldn't even dream of. Sam and Julia are the very best of friends. They complete each other.
Ella is adorably looking, a bit catty and very ladylike. She's a big fan of the ballet and has a barre in her room. Ella lives next door to Sam in the Mouse Mansion. She likes to dance while Sam plays music, and performs with him in the theatre sometimes.



"PLAYHOUSE - set of four rooms"   24,95 EUR

With this playhouse made from cardboard, crafting it yourself has never been more easy. This sturdy suitcase contains four folded cardboard boxes, printed on each side with our signature Mouse Mansion wallpaper and floors. It’s completed with matching papier-mâcheé prints on the outside walls of the structure.

How you go about this? Begin your adventure by crafting the playhouse. Add furniture from our DIY kits, wallpaper, accessories and miniature Mouse Mansion items. This way you'll create a wonderful playhouse, shaped to your thoughts and wishes. A playhouse you'll be able to enjoy for years to come.

Our playhouse is 99% plastic free and 100% FSC.
Please note: Furnishings are sold separately.


If you love to create lovely things and to spend time with your children
and to help them to create their own "Muizenhuis" you will love it!

If you think "That's a great idea!" -  let me know, so you can buy some items below.
Just click and send me a list and your address and I will order it for you very soon.

---> I would love to get the following items and to save 10% for my first order! 





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